New Painting Course

[Edit: The course has now started, but please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in a makeup session or future installments!]

The Road to Color
ONLINE Beginners’ Painting Class
4 Wednesdays in July, 6:30-8:30 PM EST

One cannot be at the Pole and at the Equator at once. One must choose one’s way; at least this is what I hope to do, and my way will be the road to color.

Vincent Van Gogh
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We’ll focus on color, texture, and your personal creativity, while covering the basics of painting still lifes (fruit, vegetables, flowers). You can watch me talk about the course here:

How will this work in practice? We’ll meet over Zoom on 4 Wednesdays in July (July 7-28) at 6:30-8:30 PM EST. I’ll demonstrate a painting technique, then put you in breakout rooms and give you one-on-one guidance while you work on your own painting. 

We’ll cover:

  • Mixing (almost) any color with acrylic paints,
  • Brush and palette knife technique,
  • Dividing complex subjects into simple, colorful shapes,
  • Exaggerating color for expressive effect,
  • Selectively painting the aspects of a still life that attract you most.

Just to be completely transparent, this is the first time I’m putting together a course like this. If it goes well, I’ll offer it again at a higher price. Meanwhile, if you take it this time round, your feedback will shape future iterations. 🙂

What a friend’s teenage sons thought about my teaching.

The fine print:

  • There’s a maximum of ten participants.
  • The cost is $160 ($20 per hour).
  • If you change your mind by June 30th, you get your money back.
  • If you change your mind between June 30th and July 14th, you get $120 back. (So you only pay for the first class.)

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

You can reserve your spot below.

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